About our design and creation processes

Our activity

In order to give a greater focus to these creations, we designed a specific entity for the bookends activity. 

the Art of Bookend is a presentation and e-shop website dedicated to bookends as a range of our decorations created by Tolonensis Creation, a company founded in 2009 and located in Warsaw, Poland.

All the bookends have been designed by Jacques Lahitte, the owner of the company Tolonensis Creation. They are cut and painted in Warsaw where he lives.

The first set of bookends were presented in the gift stores of the museums Chopin and Polin (Jewish museum) of Warsaw in 2013.

The museum gift stores

Encouraged by the success and the interest of visitors for our creations, we created a range of thematic bookends targeted for gift shops. We are expanding this offer for specific and customized models in accordance with the works of art presented in the galleries. 

Our single offer of bookends comes as a development of the beautiful and art books that are proposed to museum visitors. The bookends drawn inspiration in the exhibited works.

This offer will be extended.

The general public

A part of our bookends are offered for sale in these pages. We ship our creations within the European Union as well as worldwide.

Deliveries around the World for the Art of Bookend

At the moment, the bookends stamped with the RMN [m] logo (Réunion des Musées Nationaux) are only distributed through the french parisian museum gift stores such as Le Louvre or the Palace of Versailles , Château de Fontainebleau, Château de Malmaison and others.

Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Grand Palais
Bookend creation

Our flexibility allows us to develop in a quick and targeted way unique and customized models, to perform tests, small series well suited to gift stores needs regardless the size of their business. 

Customized bookends with a logo, a silkscreen can be proposed for institutions and companies for promotional purposes and special events.


In a similar way as other kind of decorations we create, bookends are designed from ideas and sketches and then digitally implemented. The creation process extends until the ultimate file which is directly transmitted to the laser cutting machine (geo Trumpf formated).


Bookends are made by our specialized partner thanks to modern laser platforms. They are cut using DC01 steel plates which defines a normalization and quality criteria (flatness tolerance,  steel quality).


This step is perfomed using a powder coating paint process.

It consists in a free-flowing powder electrostatic application performed in a completely dry form. They are then inserted in an oven in order the pigments to be amalgamated and polymerized.

This technique do not use solvents.


Bookends are checked and equipped with anti-slip pads on their base. Depending on the serie, we use foam of silicon pads of the same quality. 


Bookends are then covered in plastic film and secured with bubble wrap. They are put in a specific transport box for shipment.

In  the case of gift or regular orders, the creations can be sent in special smart printed boxes

2 models of boxes are proposed :

  • 21 x 18 x 13 cm for one (1) bookend,
  • 24 x 20 x 13 cm for two (2 - pair) bookends (fabrication in progress).
Box for one bookend
Sérigraphie sur les serre-livres