Bookend Jewess with Oranges


The bookend Jewess with Oranges features a jewish woman selling oranges inspired from a painting by Aleksander Gierymski (1850-1901).

Metal laser cut decoration for home library.


The bookend Jewess with Oranges depicts the oil on canvas stolen during WWII the painting was discovered in 2011 near Hamburg and was restituted to the National Museum in Warsaw. The woman was portrayed against a background of Warsaw as seen from the borough of Praga across the Vistula river.

The bookend is available in the gift shop of the National Museum in Warsaw. It is also presented in the gift store of the Jewish museum POLIN in Warsaw.

The National Museum in Warsaw

Steel Laser cut from our original design file.

Powder coating painted (electrostatic coating for powder with no solvents, nor volatile organic compounds).

The weight of books provides a self-locking feature which assure maximum stability. Anti-slip pads strengthen the stability.

Design Jacques Lahitte 

Bookend Made in EU French Design the Art of Bookend

TC20BZY (by Tolonensis Creation)

Data sheet

Steel laser cut
19 cm
Anti-slip pads
Black matt

Specific References

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