Secure shipments

Bookends are safely sent using adapted packages. They are also fitted in a nice printed specific product box.

Deliveries within the European Union

 Carrier DPD  UPS CarrierDepending on the destinations, shipments are performed using DPD or UPS carriers.

A tracking number provides the location of the parcel at any time.

NOTE : for very fast deliveries with UPS, please contact us for quotation.

Destinations up to 3 kg from 3  kg up to 10 kg
Zone EU1 Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Danemark, Hungaria, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland  11.80 euros 14.50 euros
Zone EU2 France, Portugal 12.80 euros 15.40 euros
Zone EU3 Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Finland 14.30 euros 16.50 euros
Polska 2.50 euros 3.80 euros

For other destinations within the EU, feel free to contact us.

Deliveries outside the European Union

Poczta Polska Shipping is performed using the Polish Post Services (Poczta Polska) in Priority mode and their associated partners abroad.

A tracking number provides the location of the parcel at any time.

Destinations up to 2 kg from 2  kg up to 4 kg from 4  kg up to 6 kg
Europe (non-EU) United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland,
16.50 euros 21.00 euros 24.50 euros
Zone America Canada, USA 19.50 euros 25.00 euros 29.00 euros
Zone Asia Japan, South Korea 22.00 euros 29.50 euros 38.00 euros
Zone Oceania ECO * Australia 14.50 euros 16.00 euros 21.50 euros
Zone Oceania Australia 29.00 euros 37.50 euros 63.50 euros
Israel ** 16.50 euros 21.00 euros 25.00 euros

For other destinations outside the EU, feel free to contact us.

* Deliveries performed using economic mode (by boat) last 3 months approx.

** Deliveries to Israel are suspended due to the destination authorities.

Express deliveries

UPS You need to receive your parcel within 2 or 3 days ?
We can propose an Express delivery by Air using the carrier UPS.
Feel free to contact us if you need your parcel to be quickly delivered.