Set of two bookends Arabesque on the theme of the arabic decorations
  • Set of two bookends Arabesque on the theme of the arabic decorations
  • Pair of bookends Arabesque. with an Oriental style. Height 19 cm.

Set of 2 bookends Arabesque 22 cm

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A splendid pair of Arabesque bookends featuring oriental graphic designs.

This set includes two (2) bookends.

The bookends are packaged in an ECO-Friendly box.


A pair of Arabesque bookends, exuding delicacy and intricate design.

Arabesques, often found in Islamic art and architecture, embody a form of rich and complex artistic expression. These decorative motifs, characterized by interlacing patterns, scrolls, and sophisticated geometric shapes, are frequently used to adorn buildings, manuscripts, and other artistic objects. Islamic architecture, in particular, is renowned for its elaborate use of arabesques.

These intricate geometric patterns, inspired by Islamic principles prohibiting figurative representation, create a unique artistic language. Arabesques transcend geographical boundaries, being present in iconic structures such as the Alhambra in Spain or the Great Mosque of Cordoba. The impact of mathematics and geometry on the arrangement of these decorations is undeniable. Muslim artisans employed advanced mathematical concepts such as symmetry, regular repetition, and precise proportions to create arabesques of incredible sophistication.

These patterns are not merely decorative; they reflect a profound understanding of mathematics and geometry in Muslim culture. Arabesques are not only aesthetic but also carry symbolic meanings. They may represent infinity, divine unity, or the infinite complexity of knowledge.

The use of mathematical art in arabesques underscores the close connection between science and art in Islamic civilization. In summary, arabesques bear witness to the artistic and intellectual ingenuity of Muslim societies, highlighting the profound impact of geometry and mathematics in the creation of decorations that are both intricate and meaningful.

These motifs transcend mere ornamentation to become an artistic and intellectual expression deeply rooted in Islamic cultural heritage.

Metal wall bookends - French Design - Quality fabrication Made in EU.


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Steel laser cut
22 cm (8.7 inc.)
Black matt RAL 9005
Silicone anti-slip pads
15 cm (5.9 inc.)

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