Set of bookends the Royal Gates of the Palace of Versailles. Height 19 cm
  • Set of bookends the Royal Gates of the Palace of Versailles. Height 19 cm

Bookends The Royal gates of Versailles

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A stunning pair of bookends inspired by the theme of the Palace of Versailles, featuring a composition of the most beautiful effect.


The Golden Gate, also known as the Grille d'Honneur, at the Palace of Versailles, is an exquisite masterpiece that stands as a testament to the grandeur of French Baroque architecture. Designed by the eminent architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart during the late 17th century, this ornate gate serves as the majestic entrance to the Cour d'Honneur, the main courtyard of the palace.

Constructed between 1680 and 1689, the Golden Gate is a stunning example of Mansart's architectural prowess and artistic vision. The intricate wrought-iron grille, adorned with gilded decorations, features an interplay of delicate scrolls, floral motifs, and regal emblems. The gate is crowned by a majestic royal crown, symbolizing the power and authority of the French monarchy.

Mansart, a prominent figure in French architectural history, was not only the chief architect of Versailles but also a key contributor to the classical style of the era. His collaboration with King Louis XIV resulted in the transformation of Versailles into a symbol of absolute monarchy and a pinnacle of French artistic achievement. Mansart's architectural innovations, including the Hall of Mirrors and the Chapel at Versailles, showcase his mastery of symmetry, balance, and opulence.

The Golden Gate itself is a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. It not only serves as a symbol of prestige but also fulfills a practical purpose by regulating access to the royal domain. The gate opens onto the grand perspective leading to the heart of the palace, creating a sense of anticipation and awe as visitors approach the splendors within.

Mansart's legacy extends far beyond the Golden Gate, as his influence is visible throughout Versailles and in many other notable projects across France. His work remains a defining element of the classical French Baroque style, characterized by its grandeur, order, and meticulous attention to detail. The Golden Gate stands as a timeless testament to Mansart's genius, encapsulating the magnificence and majesty that define the cultural heritage of Versailles and the rich history of France.

Metal wall bookends - French Design - Quality fabrication Made in EU.


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Steel laser cut
19 cm
Anti-slip pads

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