Pair of bookends of American soldiers during the Normandy landings.  Height 19 cm
  • Pair of bookends of American soldiers during the Normandy landings.  Height 19 cm
  • Bookend American soldier paying respects in front of a grave. Height 19 cm. Metal creation
  • American soldier bookends during the Normandy landings. French Design. Height 19 cm
  • Front view of the bookends landing in Normandy. Height 19 cm

Bookends WWII GI in Normandy 1944

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A superb and unique pair of D-Day American GIs bookends on the theme of the Normandy landings.


A stunning set of bookends on the Second World War and the landing in France.

The Normandy landings, also known as Operation Overlord, stand as a pivotal moment in World War II. Launched on June 6, 1944, this massive assault by Allied forces on the Normandy coast aimed to open a new front in Western Europe, ultimately to overthrow the Nazi regime. Meticulously planned, Operation Overlord mobilized American, British, Canadian, and other allied troops, totaling nearly 156,000 men landed on that day. Normandy's beaches, previously targeted by intensive aerial and naval bombardments, became the scene of fierce fighting. The sectors of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword were the main points of entry. Despite fierce resistance from German defenders, the Allies managed to secure a crucial beachhead, paving the way for the liberation of occupied Europe. This colossal landing was not only a military feat but also a symbol of the determination and unity of the Allied nations against Nazi oppression. Operation Overlord thus marks an essential chapter in modern history, testifying to the sacrifice and courage of those who participated in this titanic endeavor for freedom.

Metal bookends. Made in the European Union.


Data sheet

Steel laser cut
19 cm
Black matt RAL 9005
Silicone anti-slip pads

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