Bookend Marie Antoinette the Queen of France. Height 19 cm
  • Bookend Marie Antoinette the Queen of France. Height 19 cm

Bookend Queen of France Marie Antoinette

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Beautiful bookends featuring the theme of Marie-Antoinette, inspired by the famous painting created by Elisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lebrun.


A page of history comes to life with this exquisite bookend featuring Queen Marie-Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette, born in 1755, was the Archduchess of Austria and, later, the Queen of France and Navarre. She became the wife of Louis XVI at the age of 14 as part of a political alliance. Her life at the French court was marked by opulence, extravagance, and ultimately tragedy. Marie Antoinette faced criticism and public discontent, especially as France grappled with financial troubles.

Elisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lebrun, a renowned portrait painter, captured the essence of Marie Antoinette in her iconic painting, "Marie Antoinette with a Rose." This masterpiece, created in 1783, showcases the queen in a more informal and intimate setting, holding a single rose. The painting, now exhibited in various museums, including the Louvre, is celebrated for its portrayal of Marie Antoinette as both regal and tender, humanizing her public image.

In the midst of political unrest, the queen's extravagant lifestyle fueled criticism. The French Revolution erupted in 1789, leading to the fall of the monarchy. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI faced increasing hostility, and they were eventually arrested in 1791. The queen's fate took a tragic turn, culminating in her execution by guillotine in 1793.

Vigée-Lebrun's portrait, however, endures as a poignant representation of Marie Antoinette's complex life. The softness in her gaze and the delicate handling of the rose evoke sympathy for a woman who, despite her royal status, faced personal and political turmoil. The painting immortalizes Marie Antoinette not just as a queen but as a multifaceted individual, caught in the tumultuous currents of history. The enduring allure of the artwork lies in its ability to transcend time and humanize a figure often overshadowed by historical narratives of revolution and regicide.

Metal wall bookends - French Design - Quality fabrication Made in EU.


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Steel laser cut
19 cm
Black matt RAL 9005
Anti-slip pads

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