Set of two laser-cut metal bookend on the theme of the judaism. Height 21 cm
  • Set of two laser-cut metal bookend on the theme of the judaism. Height 21 cm

Set of 2 bookends Magen David 21 cm

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A set of two (2) bookends Magen David on the theme of the Judaism.


A beautifully crafted pair of bookends featuring an intertwined Star of David.

The Star of David, also known as Magen David, holds deep significance in Jewish tradition. Comprising two intertwined triangles, it is often interpreted as the merging of the divine and human aspects, symbolizing the union between God and humanity.

This symbol has a rich history dating back centuries, although its official adoption as a Jewish symbol occurred in the 17th century. The Star of David is frequently associated with King David, hence its name, and is present in various aspects of Jewish culture, from art to architecture.

Over time, the Star of David has become the universal symbol of Judaism, representing Jewish identity and solidarity among members of this global community. It is often displayed on synagogues, graves, ritual objects, and flags of predominantly Jewish states.

However, the Star of David is not merely a religious symbol but also a cultural one. It transcends religious boundaries to become an emblem of Jewish identity, reminding of perseverance, faith, and unity in diversity.

Despite its geometric simplicity, the Star of David continues to embody multiple and profound meanings, making it an iconic symbol that transcends generations and cultural boundaries.

Metal wall bookends - French Design - Quality fabrication Made in EU.


Data sheet

Steel laser cut
21 cm (8.3 inc.)
Black matt RAL 9005
Silicone anti-slip pads
15 cm (5.9 inc.)

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