Ppair of two laser-cut metal bookends depicting arabesques. height 22 cm
  • Set of two bookends Arabesque on the theme of the orientalism. Height 22 cm
  • Ppair of two laser-cut metal bookends depicting arabesques. height 22 cm

Set of 2 bookends Menorah 22 cm

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A beautiful set of two (2) bookends Menorah on teh theme of the Judaism.


A stunnning and magnficent pair of Judaica Menorah bookends.

The Jewish Menorah, also known as the seven-branched candelabrum, holds a central place in the symbolism and practice of Judaism. Inherited from the Temple of Jerusalem, the Menorah is an ancient symbol representing divine light and spiritual continuity.

Traditionally, the Menorah has seven branches, symbolizing the seven days of Creation in the biblical narrative. Each branch is lit during the festival of Hanukkah, commemorating the miracle of a small amount of oil lasting eight days in the destroyed Temple.

Crafted from various materials over the centuries, the Menorah often carries artistic and ritualistic significance. Its design evokes creativity and beauty, while its ritual use underscores the importance of light and spirituality in Jewish life.

The Menorah is also a national symbol of Israel, appearing on the country's coat of arms and flag. It serves as a powerful reminder of Jewish heritage and the resilience of the community throughout history.

Its role in Jewish festivals and profound symbolism make the Menorah more than just a ritual object. It embodies the history, faith, and perseverance of the Jewish people, while illuminating homes and synagogues worldwide with its symbolic light.

Metal wall bookends - French Design - Quality fabrication Made in EU.


Data sheet

Steel laser cut
22 cm (8.7 inc.)
Black matt RAL 9005
Silicone anti-slip pads
15 cm (5.9 inc.)

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