• Bookends Pierre and Marie Curie

    The Nobel prize series

    Bookends Curie

    The only female scientist who was awarded two times the Nobel Prize

  • The Liberty leading the people fom a painting by Eugène Delacroix

    Serie the Louvre Museum

    Liberty leading the people

    The french revolutionary Spirit

  • Bookends Lincoln and Washington

    the America series

    Presidents of United States of America

    The Spirit of America

  • Bookends Ludwig van Beethoven

    Classical music serie


    Customize your home library with the german composer
    ♫ Ta ta ta taaa ♪

Made in European Union

References and Museums Gift stores supplier

Since years, our creations are appreciated for their originality and quality.

During the 2012 Good Design Contest held by the Insitute of Industrial Design of Warsaw, one of our creations have been recommended by the specialists of the Institute.

Some Museum Gift Shop references

Our bookends have been selected by many museum gift stores including the first most visited museum in the world with Le Louvre in Paris.

the Art of Bookend presents its references for museum gift shops